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Cafe Brunch Deli restaurant
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Breakfast and event venue
In the heart of Budapest.

The centrally located Brunch Deli - Breakfast & Deli is an ideal choice for larger groups looking to make table reservations, private or corporate events, as well as gatherings.

Are you looking for a venue for your event or group?

You have found an excellent venue for private or corporate events.


Friendly gatherings

bachelor or bachelorette parties as well as birthdays

we are here to help

Family events


or anniversaries

Corporate events

Corporate events

corporate breakfasts, lunches, and team-building activities

Breakfast options at Cafe Brunch

Brunch Deli
Bakery & Sandwich

With our fresh, diverse, and mouthwatering food selection, we provide the perfect start to any day for everyone.

We opened our first Cafe Brunch restaurant in Hajós Street in 2017. Since then, over 5 years have passed, and we currently operate 5 restaurants in the heart of Budapest.

The menu at Brunch Deli - Bakery & Sandwich Restaurant differs from the other Brunch locations, making it even more suitable for hosting events.

Rendezvény részletek

Would you like to make a reservation for a larger table?

Thank You! We will contact you shortly.

Or feel free to reach out to us directly!

1065, Budapest, Hajós street 31.

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